How to browse free on Airtel with SIMPLE SERVER working fine.

@Omon Danny

Am happy to tell you that Airtel Network has included in the ongoing free browsing tweak.
It’s back again with full speed. Now, I would brief you guys on how to setup Airtel Free Browsing Tweak with SimpleServer VPN,
Currently it is blazing with the PC alone and the update will be m*de for the other device’s user as soon as we detect the perfect setting.
Just follow the steps below accordingly and you are good to surf free with Airtel Sim on your PC.
With this tweak, you can download over 1GB file with just 1MB, and over 10GB file with just 10MB.
So, I want you to carry out an experiment to confirm yours.
Simply do experiment with the Airtel free 1MB trial data by dialing *141*13*1# or subscribe to any Airtel small data bundle, like 4MB for N50 by dialing
*141*11*9, or 10MB for N100 by dialing *141*712*11#,
then follow the below setup and you would be able to surf free and download huge files with the fewest Megabytes you got.
Now, download and extract the below package to a new folder on your Desktop background .

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Configure Your Modem as Follow:
Configuration name: Airtel Wap or anything
Open the file you extracted, double-click “SimpleServer.exe”and make sure is always on open.
Configure Your Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini as follows;
IP: PORT: 8080
For Internet Downloading Manager (IDM)
Go to Downloads >> Options >> Proxy/Sock.
Tick use Proxy and input: IP: PORT: 8080
Then Connect, and watch the magic.
please edit your ini in the file u downloaded with this ip
afta u have downloaded d simple server. open d text file with notepad, change d ‘phost’ to and ‘pport’ to 80. then configure ur mozilla or idm with ip: port:8080. working perfectly

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