How to get back your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

@Omon Danny
There is good news for you, you can now
check your BVN number any day, any
time, without stress, internet right on
your phone…..i can see some are already
smiling to this goods news.
To check your BVN number, dial *565*0#

on your phone, you are to use the GSM
line you used in registering at the bank
for BVN verification and wait for some
second for your BVN number to appear.
It currently work for Airtel, MTN and
Etisalat for now. I don’t know why they
sideline Glo network. Try it out and let
us know if it work for you.
Don’t tell people the GSM line you used
in registering your BVN number because
anyone can gave your BVN number
without your knowing which will not be
good at all

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