Wow Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing

Hi guys enjoy this unlimited free
browsing and download from MTN
Browse and download unlimited with
this new tweak in town the Music plus
How To Get The Mb For The Browsing
D to 5900
you will be given 150 to browse with it
after you have finished using that 150Mb
Send Cancel7D to 5900 to unsubscribe
and send D to 5900 to Sub again to given
another 150mb to flex
To check your remaining Mb dial
why suffer yourself in sending the
message over and over again
We have an app that will the job of
sending the message for you, yours to
set the interval of sending the message

DOWNLOAD Sms scheduler

Launch the app, Click on Schedule SMS
Type 5900 in the Phone number field
Type Cancel7D in the message box
Confirm your date and time
Choose your sms sending interval (the
time interval you think you can finish
150mb) I used 30mins in mine
Save that.
Go back to the app and create another
Extend the time by a minute
Type 5900 in the Phone number field
Type D in the message box
Confirm the date and save the sending
interval to the interval you saved the
first one.
Note this app only work with sim 1 and
not sim so put your mtn sim in plot one
thank you.

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  1. I think that this promotional campaign, nothing more. It's not the right way for your business. I would advise you to do a similar SMS sending for each sigmenta separately. This will help determine the value of the audience, in our time is important. You can easily make SMS sending I've been working with it, so I know that it will help you.


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