How to opt out/deactivate Glo Ng free Tomorrow Bonus

Yeah Good day fans and readers of this blog. It a day for a new tutorial.

Today we the official of is here to update you all about the Glo Ng free Tomorrow credit card/airtime bonus.

Well we posted all about how you can activate your Glo line for free tomorrow bonus...

Well if you miss that update we can still put little light on it.

Well the Glo free tomorrow is an offer from glo to all it customers either new or old, it a type of offer where by you get all what you use a day in double the next day.

To Activate simply dial *300#

Above is how you can opt in or activate the Glo free tomorrow...

To opt out or deactivate dial *300#. It all free.

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  1. I'm trying 2 leave but it's telling me it'll be done shortly for 3week now... pls advice... and I have also called their customer care..!

    1. Oh so sprry for that sir.. that the method i used and it worked.... please what was their customer care response to the situation?

      waiting for a reply.


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