May 2016 Latest MTN 15gb free browsing cheat for all device (Get Yours)

@Omon Danny

This is the latest blazing free data on which all users are entitled to use. So do not miss this and when you get yours make sure you comment below.

How to get 15gb for free on mtn

Just go to text message and send ROUTER to 398 to get 15gb instantly which will be sent to you in this message form “Y’ello! Your free “15GB SME Value Bundle plan has been activated and will expire on 07/07/2016 07:20:13”“.

It works on all device and it is working on all Mtn sim card, it is valid for 2 months i.e it expire 2 months from the date you activate it,

  This not really a cheat but it an offer…. share this post with your friends….

So drop your comments below and enjoy!


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  2. Mtn wont reply
    please is there an alternative code for it rather than texting cuz i think derz some sort of network traffic in the system

  3. Hello bros. . there is no other code to do it apart from the above code.. And that what I use to get mine on all my four (4) Mtn sim… Thanks for you comment hope you will get yours too sir .. (h)

  4. Nice post but it`s been blocked…….next time and always try to post tweaks on time for your followers.

  5. Yes Bros you are right but we do post latest cheat on time just that most followers dont visit us always and on time… That why we advice every user to subscribe to our email update which is below and always try to visit this blog regular…. Thanks for your comment sir .. (h)

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  16. Bros no be small thing o… That why etisalat is the best because most of us are still using the free 4gb till now !!!

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