News: glo Ng recorded as the top data subscribers network

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Good day fans and readers..

It really obvious due to the complains that always surface about Glo network not working fine in some areas here in Nigeria but still, it has made a record during the past three (3) months

As reported by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) Globacom gained the highest number of data subscribers, as at the first
quarter of 2016.

According to the report, in the FIRST three months of 2016, Globacom recorded 1,448,354 new internet subscribers on its network. Specifically the numbers are 354,178 for January, 248,593 for February and 845,583 for March. Globacom’s total internet customers as at the end of the quarter stood at 26,530,420. The figure 1,448,354 for the three months under review represents 80% of the total number of 1,820,651.

In the same period, Airtel recorded 319,229 new data subscribers, Etisalat got 53,068 – a combined 20% of the remaining total figure. MTN in the same period lost over 6.5 million internet subscribers reducing from 39,924,737 to 33,356,595.


  1. Here is mine 08160020059

  2. You know what Danny?

    I've never used GLO Network before and am not planning to use it, i just dont like the network though they give low cost data bundle plans and lots of free calls, but that should be for those who make calls alot, i dont spend much time on calls but rather i spend time on the internet and i dont like slow internet connections.

    So danny, Is there anything you can use to convince me to use GLO Network? (lol).

  3. Hmm bros you are right shall .. it really depends on glo network power in your area bro…

  4. That? Ok. Maybe you are right. But i get thesame complaints from others not even in my area.

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