The Data Capacity Allocated To Etisalat Socialme Tweak

I tried contacting Etisalat customer care agent to confirm if Etisalat socialme smartpak is truly data capped. The agent that attended to me said;
Etisalat smartpak monthly is now capped 700MB and the weekly plan is capped 300MB. The worst part is that, Etisalat hasn't provided any USSD code to check the data balance.

See The Data Capacity Allocated To Etisalat Socialme Tweak
It means that when you subscribe for weekly plan, 300mb will allocated to you and we your subscribe for monthly plan, 700mb will be allocated to you.

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    1. You are welcome sir.... thanks for reading with us here. please always stay updated for more

  2. But it seems there's no monthly plan for socialme only chatpack has monthly plan so which are you talking about?

    1. Thanks for your comment, all plans has weekly and monthly.


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