How To Recover A BlackBerry ID Using BlackBerry Smartphone

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Learn how to recover a BlackBerry ID using a BlackBerry smartphone,For you to recover a blackberry id using a blackberry smartphone without any problems you need to use your blackberry default browser on your device or a web browser,this is as a result of safe precautions that prevent the password recovery email from being sent to the device
how to recover a BlackBerry ID

For you to recover your blackberry ID password, use the blackberry smartphone browser or you can use a computer and follow the steps outlined below…

Navigate to the blackberry ID password recovery page
Now enter the email address you use in registering your blackberry ID and fill out the CAPTCHA characters given .
And a confirmation message will appear stating that (“your request to reset your password has been submitted”)
And finally Open the mailbox for your email address on the computer or by logging into the mailbox using your default blackberry browser and click on the Blackberry ID password reset email.You can identify this email with the sender ID >>> 

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