Lastest Airtel 1gb free browsing cheat code for June 2016

@Omon Danny

 Hello fan, here comes an awesome free 1gb data bundle from airtel Nigeria. Though the new data plan which was released recently by airtel for it users to subscribe 2gb for  N200 and 6gb for N500  is still blazing and trending. Today you may be lucky to join the the winners of this free offer…


  • The cheat does not require any airtime/credit it 0.0k balance cheat. it’s that great?
  • It sim selective (this cheat does not work on all sim) but don’t miss this bonus.
  • You don’t need to tweak any IMEI 
  • You don’t need any third party VPN app before it can power all your android apps (simple server and others)
  • It’s a weekend free Night browsing data (you can only use it from Saturday 12:00am till Sunday 11:59am during Night) 

How to Activate/subscribe for this cheat

To get this offer on your airtel sim dial the code *475# 
NOTE: your balance must be zero naira and zero kobo.(0.00k) 
You are done…. do you have any question or problem with this then try and drop your comment now..
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  2. Did you test it before posting it. Thanks

  3. Yes sir it verified and confirmed… you can only use it as weekend midnight plan as we stated earlier! Thanks for your comment sir .

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  8. I recived a message that Ive purchased weekend plan but I cant browse with it.

  9. Yes bros it will start working at night… it a night plan it can't work during the day… Thanks for your comment sir.

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  45. Hello, how can i check the data?

  46. hello bro, it's 0.00k cheat and there is no specific data given…
    thanks for your feed back

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  52. Cheat codes like this really helps us save a lot of money. I am sure waiting for the next 1gb free browsing cheat. Even my students from college research paper help are very excited to give this cheat codes a try.

  53. Hello thanks for your comment.

    We are always here to share more freebies and offers!

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