Latest/New Airtel live video free browsing cheat with Psiphon for Android

@Omon Danny
Good morning,
Happy new month fans and as we promised, here is new month July 2016 free browsing cheat for airtel users on Android and pc.
This for airtel and it works on 0.0k balance so no airtime or subscription involved.

How to browse free on Airtel using 0.00k/without credit

  • download Psiphon pro lite VPN app for android… If you have it before then no problem let proceed!
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    Psiphon Settings For airtel free browsing

    Launch your Psiphon and configure as follows:
    proxy type: Real host

    Proxy server:

    Real proxy type: default 

    Click save

    Choose USA as location

    Then go to more options and untick connect via http

    Finally go back to the app menu and start the VPN. It should connect within 10 seconds or so. 
    View TechsVibe screenshots below….



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    This cheat is 100% tested and confirmed please drop your comment below.

    Thanks for reading with us and for more for glo, mtn and etisalat still loading…


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. it's working wella i hv used upto 2.6gb on my pc and it is very fast

    3. Thanks for you comment sir… We really appreciate your co-operation…..

    4. Pls help's nt connecting here

    5. Hello please make sure that you are using an Airtel sim card that is:
      -Not blocked because most airtel sim were blocked, to verify if your is working try calling any number on the line.

      -Not having any credit or data plan/MB

      If your sim is clear from above condition then follow the process well because that what I have used to downloaded more than 1GB movie from the net!

    6. Its working well. Tnks

    7. You are welcome sir… always visit us for more goodies.

    8. Hello bro it still working fine please try using another sim card…

    9. Pls help me out, it's connecting n disconnecting whenever I want to start using it

    10. pls i nid the setting for s.s for pc tried to fix it buh not connectin

    11. Hello bro well as at now there is no PC simple server settings for it yet. we post an about about it when is working fine… meanwile, you can connect via your hotspot

    12. Is not working for me oo,pls if u have WhatsApp group add me,

      This is my no:08131156661

    13. It is working but disconnects often. Although there is a fix for the constant disconnection.
      U are doing a nice job on this blog. Keep it up bro. See u at the top.
      Commenting from WizyTechs.Com

    14. I'm having blackberry Z10 will it work there?

    15. I don't really know of that sir… well i will be glad if you can give it a trial.

    16. tnx man,its working fine and fast…..but I can't download with it,,please wah should I do??

    17. Work well plsss add me to ur whatsapp group

    18. Thanks for your comment/feedback but it working fine in downloading and browsing. well I will advice you to use UC browser while downloading with it….. Thanks hope to see you around sir!

    19. Please, I want to know, if this is still working.

    20. You didn't indicate the port to be used. Maybe this is why it is not going to work, because I have tried it. It is to working or has it stopped

    21. Hello bro… Am sorry but currently this cheat is outdated.. Stay updated for more bro

    22. add me on whatsapp 07036505957

    23. It is working but disconnects often. Although there is a fix for the constant disconnection.
      U are doing a nice job on this blog. Keep it up bro. See u at the top.
      Commenting from
      Jboytech Blog

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