Steps To Install Xposed Framework On Android 7.0 (Nougat) Devices

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Installation of Xposed framework is  one of the major advantages of having a rooted device. If you’ve successfully rooted your android device, and you’re not enjoying modules from Xposed, then you’ve not achieved the main aim of gaining root access.
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With Xposed framework on your Android device running 7.0 Nougat, you gain access to unlimited tweaking via Xposed, you get to even change the interface of your device, tweaks on gaming, blurred interface on android and many other funfair.

Today, we’ll show you how you can install Xposed Framework on your android 7.0 Nougat device. But before you get started, make sure that you’ve installed an active recovery (TWRP or CWM) on your android 7.0 nougat device and also make sure you’ve a rooted device, if you encountered any difficulty rooting your device, then check this rooting thread. Once you’ve an active custom recovery on your rooted device, then you can proceed.

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How to Install Xposed Framework on Android 7.0 Nougat

  •       Firstly, download the Xposed Framework APK modified version and install on your device. Remember to enable “unknown source” in security settings of your device, since the download is coming from a third party source (outside Playstore). Don’t launch the Xposed package yet.

  •       After that, download the Xposed Installer zipped folder (link) and flash it on your device through custom recovery. Simply boot your device to recovery mode, go to install, locate for the xposed installer zip and install.

  •       Once you’ve flashed the file, simply reboot your device.
  •       Next, install the Xposed framework package and launch from your device and the xposed should indicate active.

  •       Finally, you can install as many modules as you wish


  1. heyya…am new to that…since one week ive been trying looking for the files but ive got broken links….am using the Nexus 6P nougat stock with Elemental X as kernel…build number NRD90M…if anyone could get me the links this would have been a great work 🙂 ….looking forward for replies

  2. Hello bro… Yeah am here to help out on any tech related difficulty my brothers and sisters may encounter…

    It will be of great interest to know the exact file links you are interested in…

  3. I would like to get the link to the xposed framework modified apk version

  4. I would like to get the link to the xposed framework modified apk version

  5. I would like to get the link to the xposed framework modified apk version

  6. There are no links. Xposed hasn't been ported for nougat yet.

  7. hello thanks for your feedback, kindly stay updated for more reference about this article…

  8. After that, just swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen to install the Framework, and when that’s finished, tap “Reboot System.”

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