Glo Browse Free Using Psiphon A+ Pro (0.0k) Disconnection Solution

@Omon Danny
Just Felt like Sharing this app after using it for the glo 0.0k free browsing & it didn’t Disconnect after even streaming a movie.. This Glo can only stop working on other psiphon but it can’t stop working on the latest psiphon A+ pro.

How Do I Enjoy The Offer?: Got Mobile settings

Create new apn acces point name;

Apn Name :




Tick remove port  Proxy server type:real host  Proxy server: Real proxy server type:SOCKSPort:80  Region: United Kingdom 

Save and don’t go to Global settings or more settings 

Then wait for 15 minutes while it connects..

Did it work for you?


  1. Working perfect but not with that dirty vpn using my own settingz used only yur apn

    Tick use http den use system settings

  2. 08137277955 add me to the group

  3. Thanks for your comment sir… Well I think @isidahome sandy idea will be of good help, please try using that.

  4. Thanks for your helpful tips sir.

  5. What apn settings did you use?

  6. Apn Name :

    Thanks for your comment sir..

  7. You are very welcome,add me to your group 07052888373

  8. Hi ,here is my no too, 08097552436.pls add

  9. please will this work in ghana?

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