New/Latest Glo Psiphon 0.0k A+ Pro Black Free ip Browsing Proxy Settings

@Omon Danny

We all know about the  Latest August Glo 0.0, Tweakware v3.3 and Free Browsing Settings that are still blazing & also unlimited but I just decided to share this for my users that tweakware didn’t work for but

NB: The speed reduce after 10mb.
How To Connect Your Psiphon A+ Pro Black App To Browse Free*..

Download and Launch Psiphon A+ Pro Black App  Here


» Frontquery:

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Like the Screenshot Below

» Proxy type: Real Host

»  Proxy server:
» Real proxy type: HTTP
» Real proxy server:
» Real proxy port: 80

Then save. And connect.

Don’t Tick “connect through an http proxy”.

Then Just Give it 1min to connect if your Glo network in your area is not that strong. If its looks like the image below it means it has connected

That the working settings settings for glo 0.0k August 2016 working free browsing cheat.

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