Apple announced not to be introducing launch sales for iPhones this year 2016

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Apple 🍎 products have been the hottest product to trigger the world at large about it launch date where by, most fans pre-order online and offline. Well this time around, the Cupertino-based company had noted something fishy about it product on it first launched… i.e Apple company recorded a massive sales of it various devices at it earlier date of being launched

Well according to the news getting to us here at, we wish to share with the public that the Cupertino-based company had warned investors not to expect anything of the sort for this timeframe, given that the demand for the iPhone units have passed the supply that they have on ground currently.

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Last year alone, Apple recorded a massive sale of 13 million units off the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and this was only in the first three days after launch. By the end of the year, the iPhone 6s had succeeded in making Apple a very happy brand with the manufacturer recording the best ever quarterly record in that period but as soon as that period went off, there began to be a decline in the sales.

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Since there are no launch sales, you would be getting the devices like everyone else and with the pre-orders having opened yesterday, it is expected to be in stores and in your hands just a week after on the 16th of September.

Well, is this really a good news, Oh it will be of great interest to have your own view using the comment section…

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