Latest/New Mtn XtraData Code For 20Gb With N20 Only (Get Yours)

@Omon Danny

Hello Buddy, this is really HOT… Mtn XtraPro are at it again as they are giving us free browsing Megabytes and calling for just #20 You can use it to browse and call unlimitedly but I think it selects sims but still try your luck.. 

See how to subscribe below;

  • Simply Dial *298*2*2#
  • Choose Xtra data choose 
  • 20gb for 20,000

And you will be given 20gb free and you must have atleast N20 on your phone to activate this trick. Note: To check Your Balance dial *559*61# .. 

Enjoy this for now before Mtn notices it and block it.


  1. Do you encounter any error on this cheat? Please do us a favour by dropping any issue encounter… There might be a solution to it…

    Drop a comment and don't conclude yet… Thanks

  2. I can't use mine. I can't browse or even make calls with bundle4u

  3. Nice post can u plz add me up 08095629175

  4. It worked like MAGIC!!!!!! Thanks a lot Danny….

  5. Hello Sir, Thanks for the compliment bro…
    stay updated for more!

  6. You are welcome to the TechsVibe Family…

  7. Hello sir, not really tho…

  8. Hello sir, well it was usage yesterday. let see how it goes, I will always keep you updated.

  9. it is only there but not usable

  10. i got d mb but it does not browse pls wat 2 do next

  11. Observed such from most fans, please so sorry for such error and I will try if there is a quick way out of this!

    1. Just wanted to say I kind of loved reading this comment. That Japan adventure sounds amazing, except maybe the sleeping on rocks part. I really want to visit Tokyo, and choosing expensive sushi and partying at Womb over a sensible hotel is exactly something I would do…but interestingly, in all the situations I’ve made, um, questionable decisions–or been in less-than-stable environments (plenty of raves)–I’ve felt protected and cared for too. And always had solutions unexpectedly provided when I needed them ^_&bp^sn; |  

  12. Hello bro we are on it…

  13. Same here,its not working,its just a new way of donating N20 for Buhari's election come 2019

  14. The data is unusable.

  15. Lolzxx… It seems to be the fact. But sir we are all here to fight against such child play!

  16. You are welcome to the family sir.

  17. 08162358141 add me to the group please

  18. not working still….
    pls add me on 08032466549

  19. nice post my dear from

  20. add me on whatsapp @ 08164293109

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