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Glo Cheap data bundle code for 1.5gb, 3gb, 4.5gb, 6gb

All Glo Cheap Subscription codes for free data bundle on how to get 1.5gb, 3gb, 4.5gb, 6gb, 9gb, 12gb, 25gb

Glo is here again with cheap data code for valid for month.

How to get 1.5gb for 1,000 naira only
How to get 3gb for 2,000 naira only
How to get 4.5gb for 2500 naira only
How to get 6gb for 3,000 naira only
How to get 9gb for 4,000 naira only
How to get 12gb for 5,000 naira only
How to get 24gb for 8,000 naira only

Note: these subscription work on both laptop, PC, phones both Android and others.

How to subscribe to cheap glo data bundle
Dial *777#
And choose buy data

  1. Mukhtar Ibrahim says

    pls.. aw does dis plan works. is it a wknd plan or normal monthly plan dt works truout d day,night and wknds.

  2. Omon Danny says

    Bro it a normal monthly plan that works through out the day and night. It also work on all device both laptops and mobile phones. Thanks for your comment sir cheer

  3. Ayo Taiwo says

    Sir, I really enjoyed it. It is well. God bless you.

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