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How to use Etisalat Social Me and Chatpack on Netify VPN

  • Netify VPN is a new modded Psiphon handler application that is presently added to the Numbers of Important applications for all FBT.

Netify works like Psiphon and SyponShield yet with some new plans and remodded settings. 
All Thanks to Odiseo onze, have remolded Psiphon application to draw out this New Netify VPNwhich is far more better than Psiphone and I have been taking a shot at it and testing it for Different Free browsing tweaks, Most especially on Etisalat Social Me and Chat Pack Settings……


1. It is completely redesigned with new graphics
2. There is no connection key this time on the
notifications bar
3. There is no place to add or remove region or
countries. (Yet working)
4. There is no more options settings, which makes it easier to connect compared to Psiphon
5. The default handler settings is there but with new
user interface
6. New icon added
7. Sound and vibration notification removed
8. It powers all Applications including OperaMini.

Where to Download Netify VPN?


Before you do this, Make sure you disconnect and force close
your Psiphon or SyponShield app.

Now open Netify and set it up as follows:

Tick remove port
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy server: Leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80

Now click save
Now you are good to go.

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