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Best Method to change TECNO BOOM imei

In this post am going to teach you on How to change the imei of your Tecno boom J7 and Likewise, this is a step by step method which is more simple and easy to follow.

Tweak Tecno Boom J8 with Mobile Uncle tool was successful. In fact, I applied two methods that worked successfully so I decided to bring it here to the Tecno fans here who are using the device right now or intending to use it later.

Changing of IMEI has become too common to all Android users this days especially those using MediaTek (MTK) Android Phones which Tecno Boom J8 belongs to. This is because of the possibility of tweaking free MB (data) and enjoy free browsing on Android devices.

Tecno Boom J8 is a new phone that was launched few days ago and people have already started going crazy about it as we can see from the orders and sales at smartphone stores across the country.

In some countries tweaking and changing of imei is against the law and illegal…

How To Tweak Your Tecno Boom J8 Imei

This method works on rooted Tecno Boom J8 devices, once your phone is rooted, download chamelephon Apk android app your Tecno device. This application can also be downloaded by searching for it on Google Playstore.

– Open the Chameleon application on your phone,
– Choose the sim slot you wish to change its IMEI,
– Type the imei and apply changes.

It’s recommended to backup your previous or original IMEI number so you can always reverse back to it.

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