Latest TweakWare Working settings for Etisalat social me

Launch your Tweakware. Goto Settings => Bundled Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings. You will see ” select bundle setting “..
Now tick/selct Etisalat Socialme.

Go back to the homepage and select any premium servers like Netherlands, Usa, Germany etc.
. Then tap on connect . It will connect within 10secs.

You can also Goto settings on the vpn, then tap on Vpn settings , and click on Compression. Then go back.
This might help you bypass the speed throttling . Try it.

– If its saying ” Duplicate Login “, don’t worry,
kindly goto settings => Account settings => Edit
username , you will see ” Unregistered ” ..delete
any letter there, then go back and connect.
It will connect at once. Choose usa, Netherlands or Germany as the server.

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