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Hello fans Good Day,
 Airtel unlimited is not working fine or rather it has stopped working!!! but don’t worry about that too much because TechsVibe got an alternative for you to subscribe without using your personal money all you need do is to read the post below and follow the steps without ignoring any method and codes

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Hi guys there is a new app from a Nigerian developer called zoto.

it is similar to that of sliide, myads,etc. but it beats them when it comes to referral reward. 

And when you join you also earn N1000. all you have to do is to recharge your line through the app. seriously this app is awesome…

no matter how small it’s even allow N100. that really great. And after you have recharged your line you will be given N1000 and 50 people GET you N50,000 and it’s totally legit.

Note: please this offer is not for ever. According to the app developer the offer is only valid till 12th July. You you should hurry up and earn your money too!

start earning click HERE or now  to download the app And use this code. OMON0052
as your referral!


Yes, If you don’t use it you will not get your initial N1000. remember use OMON0052

We are sorry for updating this late just that we wanted to investigate every bit of it because this offer/bonus is just too amazing. But behold it is real and legit.. 
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  1. Miracle Herbert says

    I have been using this app since …..even 50naira can be recharged …..I have made a lot ….

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