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Newly Modified Ntel Data bundle subscriotion Plans

Ntel 4G came into the market with very expensive data tariff(s), it an unlimited data plan, no doubt but these plans are way out of line for an average Nigerian to afford. Anyway, there have been a slight adjustment on their tariff plans and I guess they realised how much we needed it slashed down.

Check Out The Newly Modified Ntel Data Tariff Plans

With a new 50% price down on their data tariff, you can now enjoy ntel’s superfast unlimited Internet access for less!


Smartphone Lite

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 4 Days
Price: ₦1000

Smartphone Weekly

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 7 Days
Price: ₦1,500

Smartphone Monthly

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 30 Days
Price: ₦6,000

Am sure you’re pondering where are the subscription codes attached with these plans.  To answer the question on how to subscribe for the new Ntel data tariff plans,  Ntel plans does not currently have any USSD code to make subscription easy…

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  1. charles says

    nice data plans from Ntel, but they should try and provide our Ntel Sim Cards

  2. Omon Danny says

    It available bro… just that it not available yet in all states!

  3. Tochukwu Afuba says

    so how does one subscribe for these plans

  4. Omon Danny says

    Hello sir, we are still trying to fingure out any easy way for it customers to subscribe for this plans… I will always write on it if any.


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