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Smartphone maker Samsung backs away from planned split

The world ’ s biggest smartphone maker Samsung , assailed by a shambolic recall and embroiled in South Korea’ s wide- ranging corruption scandal , on Friday backed away from a planned corporate restructuring.
Following the embarrassing recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and under pressure from activist shareholders to improve corporate governance , Samsung Electronics said last year that it was considering splitting the company in two .

Its vice- chairman Lee Jae -Yong , heir to the parent Samsung group , has since been arrested and indicted for bribery , along with four other senior executives , in connection with the graft scandal that saw ex -president Park Geun -Hye impeached.

But at the Samsung Electronics annual general meeting in Seoul, board chairman Kwon Oh -Hyun said the firm had reviewed legal and tax issues around proposed division into a holding company and an operating unit , and identified “ some negative effects ” .

He did not elaborate , but told shareholders: “ At this moment , it seems difficult to carry it out. ”

Shares in Samsung Electronics — the group ’ s flagship subsidiary — closed 0. 72 percent down , having hit record highs this year on expectations of higher profits.
Samsung SDS plunged 8. 47 percent and Samsung C & T was down 7. 27 percent.

Various Samsung units have cross - shareholdings in other parts of the group , a byzantine structure that enables the Lee family to control the business empire , which has revenues equivalent to a fifth of South Korea’ s GDP .

A promised new governance committee , made up of independent outside directors, will still be set up by the end of April, Kwon said .

Corruption scandal

But Samsung Electronics had so far been unable to recruit “ foreign directors who have experience as chief executive officers of global companies” to join it , he said “ due to uncertainties in the internal and external environment surrounding the company” .

Vice- chairman Lee has effectively been at the helm of the Samsung group since his father suffered a heart attack in 2014.

His indictment sent shockwaves through the company and triggered the announcement of a major reform of its top-down management style .

The corruption scandal centres on the former president ’ s secret confidante Choi Soon- Sil , who is accused of using her ties with the head of state to force local firms to “ donate ” nearly $70 million to non -profit foundations, which Choi allegedly used for personal gain .

Samsung was the single biggest donor to the foundations and is also accused of separately giving millions of euros to Choi to bankroll her daughter ’ s equestrian training in Germany.
In total it handed over nearly $40 million.

One of the favours Lee allegedly sought from Park was state approval for a controversial merger of two Samsung units in 2015, seen as a key step to ensure a smooth transfer of power to him.

The deal was opposed by many shareholders who said it had wilfully undervalued one of the firms . But it eventually went through after the national pension fund — a major Samsung shareholder — approved it.

We’ re sorry ’

Samsung has insisted the payments were charitable contributions it was obliged to make under pressure from officials , and not bribes .

But Kwon apologised at the meeting, saying : “ We ’ re sorry that we have created a stir in society . ”
The firm would review all its charitable donations , he said . “ We ’ ve come to realise that our donations could be used for other purposes than we had intended . ”

Campaigners say that the controversy could complicate Samsung’ s proposed corporate split , as it has cast a renewed light on the cosy ties traditionally enjoyed by the government and family-controlled conglomerates known as “ chaebols” that dominate the economy.

Groups including Samsung have increasingly become objects of public scorn as criticisms mount over their management practices , including rapid promotions for family members — some of whose antics have battered the firms ’ images.

Millions of South Koreans who took part in weekly street rallies demanding Park’ s removal also called for the arrest of the tycoons involved in the scandal , among them the leaders of Hyundai , SK and Lotte.

Chung Sun- Sup , the head of chaebol. com, a private watchdog on conglomerates , said the split plan could enhance the Lee family’ s control over Samsung operating units, and was coming at a time of greater public and parliamentary scrutiny .

“The company is unlikely to push it through for a considerable time, ” Chung told AFP.

source: PUNCHNG
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Huawei P10 confirmed for sale by Vodafone in Europe, availability leaked

There are a lot of carriers to look at in the UK when you are planning to choose a network provider, and of the bunch, only Vodafone has decided to come forward with its plans on the Huawei P10 series which was just recently launched at MWC back in February. According to the carrier, you can only get the units in colour options of black and silver for now even though the unit was announced in a number of colour options.
If you would like to get a unit of the Huawei P10, and you would not mind getting it from Vodafone, be prepared to shell out EUR 10 for the unit up front should you go for is the instalment plan, valued at EUR 42 monthly for a period of two years. This offer also comes with it free 24GB of data which can be used in the UK and 2GB of data for roaming needs. There would also be unlimited minutes and texts given to you whether you are in the county or roaming.

We haven’t seen a straight deal from the network provider yet, so we don’t know how much they hope to sell the unit for off contract. Likewise, they made no mention of freebies to come with the preorder package. For now, though, we know that shipping would start on the 31st of March, so you might want to join the preorder queue now.

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Naira to appreciate further as CBN boosts forex sale

The Naira is set to appreciate further in the week as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) plans to inject more Foreign Exchange (Forex) into the market to meet the requests of genuine customers.

According to the spokesman of CBN, Mr Isaac Okorafor, he gave the assurance in a statement on Sunday in Lagos State.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the apex bank had so far kept to its promise of continuing to supply enough forex to guarantee liquidity in the market.

The statement said the bank was committed to ensuring that authorised dealers got sufficient supply to meet the demands of authentic customers of banks.

It disclosed that the bank had since February offered over one billion dollars to the interbank market.

The bank expressed optimism that stability had been restored to the forex market.

According to the statement, individuals can easily access forex to address personal and business allowances.

NAN reports that a summary of the CBN intervention in the interbank market over the past two months, shows the highest bid rate was N360 per dollars, while the lowest was N315 per dollar.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 black leaks (c

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has to be the most impatient phone we have seen in a while – it does not even want to wait till its official announcement before it lets it all out. In the most recent leak that concerns this piece of great hardware that we are expecting from Samsung, the GalaxyS8 has now leaked in black colouration, and the images we are seeing are the same as the last set of leaks on the device.

If this should turn out to be true, it means that we would have the classic black option for the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 which has been developed with AMOLED screen technology and has dual curved edges to match. The bezels on this unit are still as extremely thin as we have always seen and according to rumours, there wold be a special 6GB version for China. Doing what the Note 7 planned to before its inevitable exit from the market, it looks like.

Earlier today, it has been confirmed that the phone would launch with a redefined and better voice assistant peculiar to the South Korean company, and this one would be named Bixby.
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Samsung starts rolling out Nougat update to their Galaxy Note 5 units in Turkey

The Galaxy Note 5 is currently just a generation behind in the Note series, meaning that it should still be on the list of devices that Samsung are obligated to support for a few more years. Remember that we skipped a Note 6 and just went straight to the Note 7, so that gets cleared up. In today’s news, some users of the Note 5 in Turkey have started to wake up to some good news as Samsung starts pushing out the official Nougat update to these handsets.

This is after they started to rollout the same kind of update to the Galaxy S6 family of devices earlier this month.
The update weighs at a massive 1.3GB and brings the users of this Note smartphone up to speed on what’s happening in the world of Android these days. After getting it, the firmware version of the Galaxy Note 5 unit would be changed from whatever it has there now to N920XXU3CQC7.

Like we have been seeing on the Nougat updates that Samsung has rolled out before this one, we expect to see some interesting design, beautiful UI and addition of some cool features to the unit.
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Gtbank iRequire cache box (All you needs to know)

Guaranty trust Bank (Gtbank) has introduced another banking system called iRequired design to help their customers bank in a more convenient way.

According to Gtbank, you can now pre-order online the collection of your Token, Card, Cheque-Book or Bank Statement at select GTBank branches. Your item(s) will be made available for pick-up at designated branches or in an iRequire Cache Box at a pre-advised time.

Where are iRequire Cache boxes located?
  • GTBank Adetokunbo Ademola
  • GTBank Adeola Odeku
  • GTBank St Gregory’s
  • GTBank Ilupeju
  • GTBank Ogba 2
What are the Benefits of iRequire Banking?

No queues: Your requested items will be made available for pick up within 5 days – even on holidays and weekends (when you choose the iRequire Cache Box).

Convenience: Using the iRequire Self-Service guarantees you priority service when you go to pick up your pre-ordered item, in-branch or using the iRequire Cache Box.

Discretion: iRequire Cache boxes protect your privacy. No one sees where and how your item is collected

Security: Unique access codes, monitoring and safe design of iRequire Cache boxes guarantee the safety of the requested item.

Locations: The iRequire Cache boxes are located in convenient and accessible ATM gallery locations and the select pick-up branches are also subject to your preference.

How to use Gtbank iRequire Box?
You can use the above image to learn how to use iRequire cache box but to make it more simple for you below is the simple steps on how to use the new Gtbank iRequire cache box.

  1.  Login to Gtbank internet banking portal with your computer or smartphone then navigates and click iRequire to say another sub menu under self-service option.
  2. On this step, you will see iRequire cache box with the options to choose from such as.
  • Statement collection
  • Token collection
  • Card collection
Select the iRequire cache box option as a pickup mothed.
  • Once you are done you will receive a unique pickup code via Email or SMS when the item has been placed on the cache box
  •  Let's assume you have received your unique pickup codes then you have to enter the unique pickup codes you received on the iRequire cache box touch screen
  • Now that you have done everything as required all you need to do is to wait while the cache box number is shown on the screen automatically opens and that is how it works.

Questions and answers about Gtbank iRequire cache box.

Am sure you might have few questions about Gtbank iRequire cache box system but thanks to Guaranty trust Bank for providing this question and answers regarding their iRequire catch box system!

Q: What is iReQuire?
A: The GTBank iRequire Self-Service allows you pre-order online the collection of your Token, Card, Cheque-Book or Bank Statement for pick-up at select GTBank branches or via iRequire Cache Boxes. iRequire is available on Internet Banking where you can make your item requests which will then be made available for pick-up at designated branches or in iRequire Cache Boxes.

Q: What items are available for pick up using this service?
A: Statement printing, Token Collection, Card Collection and Cheque book pick up

Q: How is this service accessed?
A: This service can only be accessed via Internet Banking

Q: How do customers receive their requests?
A: Customers walks into the branch and is directed to the Ops Head or goes to the iRequire Cache Box to pick the requested item(s).

Q: Are customers going to queue to receive their requests?
A: No. Customer are speedily attended to by the Ops Head or they can receive their requests using iRequire Cache box in seconds

Q: Are there charges attached to this service?
A: No charge, except for normal banking charges for the service that has been requested.

Q: Will there be weekend pick up?
A: Yes, items are available within five (5) working days

Q: Is there a time restriction/limit to this service?
A: Pick-up time will be during working hours between 8am and 5pm (in-branch). For iRequire Cache Box pick-up, Non-cash transactions are available for 24 hours even on weekends.

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Rogers to commence roll-out of Nougat to the Galaxy S7 flagships from 20th March

The Nougat update to the Samsung flagship units in the market now has started to roll out for a while now, but then, not every user of this unit has been able to get it. While the unlocked units are sure to get the update first, the update has also been rolled out in batched to some regions while the others have been left off for now.
Well, for those that have their business tied to the Rogers network and would love to taste what the Nougat feels like on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, it should interest you that you carrier has started to roll out this update.

From the official website of this carrier, we have it that the update would star to hit units by the 20th of this month, so you should have enough data allocation and free space to prepare for the rival of this update. In addition to this, the list of new things happening in the pipeline at Rogers also shows that the Huawei Nova Plus would be getting its own push to the Nougat soon too.
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Latest Etisalat Unlimited Browsing Cheat Via Tweakware [2017 Blazing Trick]

Here comes new Etisalat working cheat for March 2017 using your Android Tweakware application.

To activate and enjoy this New Etisalat cheat, firstly Download latest Tweakware Here

✔️ Install it and Open it
✔️ Go to settings
✔️ Click on install REMOTE TWEAK

Make sure you have at least 1mb or 55kb on your Etisalat sim to Install the Remote Tweak successfully!

After you successfully install the remote tweak.

Then Go. Back to the main page
✔ ️Choose free server
✔️ Remote Tweak

Then click on Connect, it will connect within 30 seconds.

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2017 Latest Infinix, Innjoo and Tecno Smartphone prices in Nigeria (Check Out)

Am sure you will like to know the current price tag of trending phones in Nigeria, though the prices below might be slightly higher or lesser as the price of the mobile phone is not stable because of the exchange rate but when planning to buy any of the listed infinix, Innjoo or Tecno smartphones below in any online or offline mobile phone shops the price should not be much different from what you see below!

The three (3) mentioned smartphone brand (Infinix, Innjoo and Tecno phones) are the popular demand in Nigeria because its affordability and durability, other phone brands such as Samsung, Apple Iphones are far expensive than Tecno, Innjoo and Infinix that is why many prefer to go for the phone that can give them what they want at the cost of what the have.

Tecno smartphones Current price

Looking for Techno phone prices in Nigeria, here is the list of current Techno mobile smartphone prices.

  • Tecno Camon C7 ₦41,000.00
  • Tecno Phantom 6 ₦96,000.00
  • Tecno W3 LTE ₦34,000.00
  • Tecno Phantom 6 Plus ₦140,000.00
  • Tecno Camon C9 PLUS ₦74,000.00
  • Tecno DroiPad10 ProⅡ ₦101,000.00
  • Tecno WINPAD 2 "10.1" ₦123,000.00
  • Tecno L8 Lite ₦41,000.00
  • Tecno W3 ₦32,000.00 
  • Tecno Camon C9 ₦68,000.00
  • Tecno T470 ₦6,200.00
  • Tecno Phantom 5 ₦91,000.00
  • Tecno C5 ₦39,000.00
  • Tecno Y2 ₦19,500.00
  • Tecno 7C Pro ₦41,500.00
  • Tecno Boom J8 ₦53,000.00
  • TECNO W4 ₦34,000.00
  • Tecno L8 ₦45,000.00
  • Tecno L8 Plus ₦51,000.00
  • TECNO 8D ₦65,000.00
  • Tecno W2 ₦25,000.00

Current Prices for Infinix phones

If you are planning to buy Infinix phone then below is the prices for Infinix smartphone to choose from.
  • Infinix Snokor (Z5000) ₦22,500.00
  • INIFINIX NOTE 3 LTE ₦74,000.00
  • INFINIX ZERO 4 ₦99,000.00
  • INFINIX HOT 3 LTE X553 (16GB + 2GB RAM) ₦44,000.00
  • INFINIX HOT 4 16GB/2GB (X557) PRO ₦55,000.00
  • INFINIX HOT 4 LITE 16GB/1GB (X557) ₦42,000.00
  • INFINIX NOTE 3 X601 16GB+2 ₦70,000.00
  • INFINIX HOT 4 16GB/2GB (X557) ₦49,000.00
  • Infinix HOT S ₦60,000.00
  • INFINIX HOT 3 X554 (16GB + 2GB RAM) ₦38,000.00
  • Infinix Zero 4 Plus 4GB | 64GB ₦128,000.00

Innjoo smartphones Current prices

  • INNJOO HALO PLUS ₦29,500.00
  • INNJOO FIRE 2 PLUS ₦54,000.00
  • INNJOO FIRE 2 ₦39,000.00
  • INNJOO ONE ₦34,000.00
  • INNJOO MAX 3 (16+2) ₦55,000.00
  • INNJOO MAX 3 (16+1) ₦50,000.00
  • INNJOO MAX 2 ₦35,000.00
  • INNJOO FLEX 2GB/32GB ₦79,500.00
  • Special Price ₦63,000.00
  • INNJOO X3 ₦18,000.00
Well if you have any contribution, please do drop your comment below!
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How to get 200% Bonus on your Glo Sim when You Recharge!

If you are new or old GLO subscriber and not yet enjoying the 200% bonus on every recharge then its time to start by following this instruction below.

How to get 200% Bonus on Recharge From Glo

For you to Enjoy the new 200% bonus on your glo line, simply follow all the steps below.

Step 1
GLO 200% bonus is for GLO new and existing prepaid customers that is on Glo Infinito, G-Bam and 11k/s plans are the prepaid profile that can currently enjoy the 200% bonus.

You can Migrate to GLO Infinito by dialing *100*9*2#

Migrate to GLO G-Bam by dialing *100*5*1#

Once you migrate to any of the above prepaid plans then you are good to go.

Step 2
Since you have migrated to the right package then its time to opt-in to enjoy GLO 200% bonus simply by dialing *200# and that's the magic code you need to dial to opt-in to GLO 200% bonus.

E-Top Up only gets you 20% bonus and not 200% bonus.

E-Top Up are those recharge you made on ATM machines or by dialing recharge short-codes to recharge from your bank account.

Other benefits of the 200% promo are as follows:
  • 200% Bonus on recharge of N200 and above
  • Bonus can be used for SMS and calls to ALL Networks in Nigeria
  • N200 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharge of N200 and above
  • Free 15MB on recharge of N200
  • 1 free minute after 3 charged minutes

Remember the GLO 200% Bonus expires within 7 days, once you get yours start using it for text messages, voice calls and browsing because after 7days you will not be able to use it again because the bonus will disappear from your balance.

If you still have any question regarding the glo 200% bonus then drop your comment below...
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What you need to know before buying a personal Laptop

If you are willing to buy a laptop, there are several things you should consider before buying going for it » Be it Mac » or Windows »Laptop.

No one wants a good looking designed system or one that has a very high hard drive space that hangs for hours.

Tips You need To buy a good and strong laptop

Most individuals focus on the hard drive space, because they plan on storing photos, songs, games, movies etc. on their new device.

But shall it profit you if you have a lots of space, but have to wait for several hours before an application loads?

The trick is if you want your device to be fast, you have to buy a fast storage.

Don’t buy a Laptop » runs with a ram size below 4gb. If you happen to be a serious photo video editor or a gamer who wants lots of fast RAM then make sure you buy a PC with a 64bit processor and Windows 7 64-bit.

Without getting too technical, the 32-bit version of Windows can’t use more than 4GB of system memory (actually less, thanks to graphics) so you need a 64-bit system if you plan to buy more than 4GB of system memory.

Say NO to Intel Pentium processors, gone are the days when they were the best money could buy.
We are now in the Intel Core series era, you should try the second generation series… Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7.

Although processors, RAM and the hard drive speed makes a big difference in the performance of a laptop, however these two output devices are something you will be using throughout the existence of the device.

The best laptop keyboards are the ones with firm support underneath the entire keyboard structure.

Considering that you might be need to type in a low light or dark room, you should buy a laptop with LED-Backlit keyboards.

The best touchpads have excellent sensitivity and minimal lag so the cursor on the screen moves precisely along with your fingertip on the touchpad. Larger touchpads are generally a good thing (particularly if you plan on using multi-touch gestures on the TouchPad surface).

Seriously these are what people never considered before taking the decision of buying laptops well big thanks to my friend Akinwumi Busuyi of mtndata for his great contributions.

I hope this really helpful and act wise when buying both cheap and expensive laptop either new, old or used laptops.

Thanks for reading with us here @ stay updated for more goodies!
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