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What is MTN AWUF4U Offer? (Check it Out Here)

- Monday, October 17, 2016 No Comments
If you have been an MTN customer for some time now, then like me, you too would be conversant with the code *888*PIN#.  Well MTN has done it again. They have introduced a new offer which although using that same USSD code, is far better than the WOW Weekend recharge promo. So what is it?

It’s an awuf- Yes, AWUF4U.

Effective from Friday, 14th October 2016 AWUF4U promises to reward customers with 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 and 300% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 above. This when they recharge using the special code; *888*PIN#

So how does it work?
First off, it should be noted that a new dedicated Awuf4U account has been created for the offer.

As soon as a customer recharges using the special recharge code *888*PIN#, the full value of the recharge plus the airtime bonus will be credited into the customers Awuf4U account.

For example
·        If a customer recharges with N100, the customer will get N400 in Awuf4U account. In other words N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus)

·        If a customer recharges with N400, the customer will get N1, 600 in Awuf4U account. In other words N400 (recharge value) + N1,200 (bonus)

·        If a customer recharges with N750, the customer will get N3, 000 in Awuf4U account. In other words N750 (recharge value) + N2,250 (bonus)

·        If a customer recharges with N1, 500, the customer will get N6, 000 in Awuf4U account. In other words N1,500 (recharge value) + N4,500 (bonus)

 The following services are those that a customer can enjoy from his Awuf4U account:
·        Calls to ALL Networks in Nigeria
·        SMS to ALL Networks in Nigeria
·        International call to 28 (twenty-eight) destinations
·        PAYG data browsing

Offer Summary
Recharge Band (N)
Face Value + Bonus in Awuf4U Account
National Call
International call to 28 Int’l destinations (N/min)

Awuf4U Account Validity
N1 – N99
Recharge value +200% airtime bonus

capped at

75 SMS

14  Days
N100 – N200
Recharge value +300% airtime bonus
14  Days
N201 and above

30  Days

Checkout MTN TIWA N’ TIWA Offer!

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Reminiscent of the Tripple 7 offer, in fact going by its unique USSD recharge code, TIWA N’ TIWAthe new recharge offer introduced by MTN can clearly be seen to modelled on that

The objective of the campaign is to reduce churn, increase revenue and MTNN’s market share and sustain usage. Available to eligible customers and appearing to be targeted at customers from the western part of the country, it will offer give such the following;

·        5 National minutes
·        5 National SMS
·        10MB Data

The offer will be avaialble on every recharge of N50 or more whether via the unique *777*PIN# USSD code or VTU. In other words recharges via physical and logical recharge is enabled for enjoying this offer. 

The only denouement here is that like the Shikenan offer, you may not be able to opt in via bank recharges since the minimum recharge allowed by most banks is N100.

A summary of the offer is found below.
Tiwa n’ Tiwa
Campaign End Date
11:59pm, Saturday 31st December, 2016
Unique Recharge USSD String/VTU string
*311*recharge pin#/Tiwa 50
Recharge amount
N50 and above
Tiwa n’ Tiwa Fee
5 National Minutes, 5 National SMS, 10MB  Data
N6.66/min (11k/s), N2/SMS, N0.7/MB (0.068k/kb)
Bonus Validity
2 days
Frequency of Offer

MTN Disconnects Lines with Irregular SIM Registration Details

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I noticed that MTN Nigeria are currently doing some sim registration survey and it seems many costumers were informed if there is any issue with users sim registration.

Well without any panic, I will personally advice you to register your mtn sim card if you are one of the users that were informed to register his/her sim card due to some registration error(s).
  Yes I know you might have registered your sim card before but currently, you are receive messages like;
Kwastoma, bayanan rijistar layinka basu yi daidai ba, kuma ba tasiri. Domin kada a yanke layinka, ka ziyarci kowane ofishin MTN cikin awa 48 domin sake rijista

Kwastoma, bayanan rijistar layinka ba daidai bane kuma basu da tasiri.Ziyarci daya daga ofishin MTN domin sake rijista. Mun gode.

Dear Customer, your SIM Registration records are irregular & invalid. To avoid disconnection, please go to any MTN centre within 48 hours to re-register. Thank

Dear Customer, your SIM Registration records are irregular & invalid. Please visit any MTN centre to re-register your line. Thank you

 Well having done that, it turns out that indeed MTN is currently disconnecting the lines of some customers because of invalid or incomplete details on their database. However before such lines are disconnected, concerned customers are given notice.   

Get Latest airtel 5gb free data bundle using IMEI Tweaking

Hello fans and readers, here is a good news for you all and am sure you gonna enjoying it as the latest airtel free 5GB for all device have been unleashed to all airtel nigeria lucky customers!

 Well I have gotten series of messages from loyal fans and readers, and believe it we are always in to provide latest working freebie for you. Always stay updated on to have it when it HOT and fresh.

 How To Get Free Airtel 5GB via IMEI Tweaking!

Well though this cheat involves IMEI Tweaking, we are always here to help you in any step you will be needing our help.

First, To get the free Airtel 5GB, simply tweaks your Android phone imei with the IMEIs below: 861143032399041

Make sure you change the last 4 or 5 digits from the above imei number provided. After the successful tweaking, follow the steps below;


  • Text S861143032399041 to 232 (NOTE THAT 861143032399041 is your valid imei number that you have successfully tweaked).
  • If the imei is correct and valid then you will receive an sms but if you didn't receive an sms then try and tweak another imei.
  • Did you received an sms?  then, text JOIN to 141 and you should receive your own free 5GB, valid for a month.
Thanks for reading with us here, stay updated for more latest freebies online from 
I hope to hear from you in the comment section!

Samsung ‘texts’ Galaxy S7 users, assures them that their device is not marked for recall

- Saturday, October 15, 2016 No Comments
There is no way that these past couple of days, you have not come across any news on the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung which has since been discontinued.

Due to the fact that they are not making these ones again and they are also looking to clean out the market on the ones that have been sold out already, Samsung has introduced a recall and exchange program that can see you get either a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge when you bring in your Note 7 and this being the line-up that they are dependent on to gain back the trust of their customers, some news of Galaxy S7 explosions in the past might have been unnerving to them.
Given that the South Korean OEM is now looking at the Galaxy S7 device to recoup all of the losses that it accrued on the Note 7, some users have now stated that they got push messages from Samsung stating that their units are totally safe and free from getting a recall programme on it. For now, we hope that they can get this device out as much as possible and even, get more new customers to show interest in what is a damaged reputation at this point in time.

Huawei launches new variant for the Nova device with 4GB of RAM

- Wednesday, October 12, 2016 No Comments
During the IFA event, we have been so used with the idea of seeing flagships unveiled on this day that when Huawei decided to stall the release of the Mate 9 for a while and instead introduced a mid-range line-up instead, we were a bit shocked but respected then for the kind of maturity with which they have approached the event.
It was this day that we first saw in the flesh what it was that was called the Huawei Nova, a device that has been directed at the women folk of the society. Launching with 3GB of RAM at the initial unveiling, there is now a variant that offers you an extra gig should you be in need of it.
The extra gig of RAM is not the only upgrade that this one has come with as the LTE capabilities were also upped to make it support LTE A, allowing you to reach a maximum download speed of 300Mbps on this one.
Coming in only colour variants of white and black, this would make it easy for you to know which is which as the earlier one is launched in grey, silver and gold options instead.
For now, we have no information on the pricing even after hearing that it has gone on sale in China.

Details on MTN Data Bonus on VTU Recharge FAQs

- Tuesday, October 11, 2016 No Comments
Q. What is Data Bonus on VTU Recharge?
A. Data Bonus on VTU is an offer that rewards VTU Customers with data bonus on EVERY VTU recharge from N50 and above.

Q. Who can enjoy this offer?
A. All New and Existing VTU customers will be eligible to enjoy the offer.

Q. What Volume of Data will I receive on my recharge?
A. The table below shows the recharge bands and the applicable data bonus.

Recharge band
Data volume
N50 - N500
N501 – N1,000
N1,001 and above

Q. How do I get the data bonus?
A. Once you recharge via VTU, your main account will be credited with the value of the recharge while the appropriate data bonus will be credited into your data bonus account.

Q. Will I get the data bonus if I recharge my with Logical and Physical cards?
A. No, you will not receive any data bonus if you recharge using Logical/Physical Pins. OnlyVTU recharges will reward you with data bonus.

Q. Will I get the data bonus if I receive share & sell from a friend?
A. Airtime received from Share & Sell will NOT be eligible for the data bonus.

Q. What is the validity of the data bonus?
A. The data bonus will be valid for 3 days and after expiry, all unused data will be cleared from the dedicated account.

Q. Will I receive the data bonus on every recharge or just once?
A. You will receive the data bonus on every recharge via VTU BUT the validity of the bonus will not be more than 3 days.

Q. If I have an existing data bundle or bonus and receive the data bonus from VTU recharge, which data will deplete first while browsing?

A. You will be charged first from your VTU bonus account after which your data session will be charged from any other data account.
Q. How can I check my data bonus balance?
A. You can check your data bonus account balance by dialling the USSD code *559*11#.

Q. Will I be able to transfer my data bonus from my bonus account to my friend’s account ?
A. No, you will not be able to transfer data bonus from your data bonus account to your friend’s account.

Summary of Offer
Recharge band
Data volume
Frequency of offer
Bonus Validity
N50 - N500
On Every VTU recharge
3 days
N501 – N1,000
On Every VTU recharge
3 days
N1,001 and above
On Every VTU recharge
3 days

Download Tweakware V3.7 Apk Vpn Application For Android Devices

- Monday, October 10, 2016 No Comments
Newly released Tweakware Vpn V3.7 comes with more faster servers Used to browse and it still powers the  Etisalat 0.0 Tweakware V3.7 Settings For Browsing Free and the Glo Tweakware V3.7 Still Unlimitedly Browsing Free On Phones  And this version comes with two Free servers which it gives you 200mb on each server you use both 2 server gives you 400mb per day.

Protect your internet traffic when using public hotspots or wifi or even your local internet service. Bypass firewall and page blocks.

Gain free internet access by using the built in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

Category: VPN Apps

Publish Date: October 5th 2016

Latest Version: 3.7

Requirements: Android 4.0+


Protect your internet traffic when using public hotspots or wifi or even your local internet service. Bypass firewall and page blocks.

Gain free internet access by using the built in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

Category: VPN Apps

Publish Date: October 5th 2016

Latest Version: 3.7

Requirements: Android 4.0+


Checkout Closeup #MAKEYOURMOVESTORIES competition Details

- Thursday, October 06, 2016 1 Comment

Closeup #MakeYourMoveStories Competition Guidelines

During the competition period, you may participate by: 
1) Uploading a 60 second video about how you made your move, how you plan to make your move to get close to someone or how a move was made on you;  onto your social media page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 
2) Caption your video and use the hashtag #makeyourmovestories 
3) Tag and challenge friends, boyfriend or girlfriend to tell their stories  
Submit and stand a chance to win. 

Note Creativity is encouraged - creativity is included and not limited to the use of filters and editing tools 


Submission(s) are deemed valid only if tagged with the hashtag #makeyourmovestories.  Entrants’ Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages must be public to enter into the competition. Any/ all submission(s) uploaded onto social media platforms other than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will be deemed invalid The approval of videos submitted is at the complete discretion of Closeup Nigeria. The approved video with the highest number of unique views at the end of the competition will be declared the grand winner. The approved videos with the second and third highest number of unique views at the end of the competition will be declared second and third runner up. Entrants agree that they are the original owner of the entry video and agree that CloseUp Nigeria will not be held responsible for any issue of copyright or infringement on the part of the Entrants.  Submission(s) must not contain obscene, profane, lewd, defamatory or inappropriate content, or be disparaging to CloseUp Nigeria as determined at CloseUp Nigeria’s sole discretion. Prohibited entries deemed unacceptable by the administration team will be rejected and disregarded.  Submission(s) should not contain any third party materials, or otherwise violate or infringe (or possibly infringe) any copyright, trademark, logo, mark, design that identifies a brand (other than Closeup Nigeria).  Entries become the property of the CloseUp Nigeria and will not be acknowledged or returned. By submitting an entry, you agree to allow CloseUp Nigeria to use your entry for publicity purposes. Entrants, by entering in the competition, accept to and give CloseUp Nigeria consent to feature their images/ entries in future communication of Campaigns, including but not limited to press features, videos and photos and social media platforms.  CloseUp Nigeria reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of an entry and Entrant (including an Entrant's identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any Entrant who submits an entry that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or tampers with the entry process.  Failure by CloseUp Nigeria to enforce any of its rights during the competition or at any time does not constitute a waiver of those rights.    

 Winners selected at two points in the competition.
 Ten (10) entries will be chosen weekly to qualify for the final stage of the competition as ‘finalists’.  The number of likes received on entries will count towards progressing to the final stage. Final stage of the competition begins in week four (4) for 30 shortlisted videos.  Final stage will hold on the CloseUp Nigeria Youtube page ( Three (3) entries with the highest number of unique views will be announced as winners (grand winner, second runner up and third runner up)   

The Grand winner goes home with an iPhone 6, CloseUp laptop bag, Beats by Dre Studio, CloseUp USB Flash Drive, CloseUp Water Bottle, CloseUp Laptop Sleeve. 
Second runner up geos home with an iPhone 5c, CloseUp laptop bag, Beats by Dre Studio, CloseUp USB Flash Drive, CloseUp Water Bottle, CloseUp Laptop Sleeve. 
Third runner up goes home with an iPhone 5c, CloseUp laptop bag, Beats by Dre Studio, CloseUp USB Flash Drive, CloseUp Water Bottle, CloseUp Laptop Sleeve. 
Finalists will receive consolation prizes: CloseUp Laptop Bag, Red Beats by Dre Solo, CloseUp Face cap, Recharge card, CloseUp Waterbottle, CloseUp Flash Drive.
Participants found to have received fake likes will be disqualified. Winners will be contacted through the social media page their video entry for the competition was uploaded onto.  Finalists will be announced and showcased on CloseUp Nigeria’s social media pages. Grand prize, second runner up and third runner up winners will be announced and/or showcased on CloseUp Nigeria’s social media pages. 

The competition runs from 26th September – 31st October 2016. 

MTN KLEEK service Review

- Wednesday, October 05, 2016 No Comments

1. What is Kleek?

Ans: Kleek is an intelligent IVR based music station on your mobile with the capability of creating automated playlists. It is more than a radio, because you can listen to your choice of songs. More than that, you can maintain your own playlist. It offers functionality of downloading tracks and dedicating songs to anyone using Mobile. Also, you can set any songs as your caller tune.

New User

2. How do I access Kleek?

Ans: Dial 54881 from your mtn number and enjoy listening to your favorite music

3. How do I subscribe to the service?

Ans: Dial 54881 from your mtn number and follow the instructions.

4. What are the language options that I have?

Ans: This Service is available in English & Pidgin languages.

5. Am I charged for this service?
Ans: Yes. You will be charged. You can choose the subscription pack based upon your affordability. You can select either Weekly pack or Daily pack to use the service.

6. What are the Charges of Kleek?
Ans: Following are the charges

Pack Type

Pack Price (NGN)

Feature Bundle
Weekly Pack
User can dial 54881 and listen music as many times as they want
Daily Pack 
User can dial 54881 and listen music as many times as they want

7. What do you mean by Top Ten?
Ans: Top Ten songs are the most popular songs which are in high demand by the music lovers. This keeps changing as and when a new album or song arrives in the market.
8. Am I charged separately for the listening to the Top Ten?
Ans: No.

9. Can I skip a song or select a new song while listening?
Ans: Yes. You can press the following keys for the various functions while listening:
Previous menu – Press #
Set RBT - Press *
Next Song Press 8

10. Can I browse through and select a song of my choice of artist?
Ans: Yes. Kleek allows you to search and select the song artist wise. For example, if your choice of artist is Nonini, then from the Main menu, select artist wise and then select for Noni by pressing the correct number on your mobile phone.

11. Which are the artists available on Kleek?
Ans: On Kleek we have all the popular artists including the following:

Michael Jackson
UB 40
Yemi alade
Bennie man
Sani Danja
Cece winans
Nicki minaj
Justin bieber
Lady Gaga
Bob Marley
Katy Perry

& Many More

12. Can I select a song from a specific category of my choice?
Ans: Yes. Kleek gives you the option of selecting your songs from the list of popular categories.

13. What are the various categories that are available on Kleek?
Ans: The various main and sub categories that are available are as follows:

I. Top 10
II. Local Music
III. Fresh Music
IV. Gospel
V. International Music
a. RnB

b. Jazz
c. Hip Hop
d. Classics
e. Rock
f. Pop
g. Bollywood
h. Ragga
i. Gospel
j. Reggae

14. How do I unsubscribe?
Ans: Anytime while listening to the service, Press 9 and follow the IVR instructions.

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